Eco-friendly Boat Employs Clean, Electric Power

June 23rd, 2009

Twin Troller X10

Now there’s a versatile boat that enables owners to enjoy waterways without polluting them. Providing superior maneuverability, the innovative, electric-powered Twin Troller X10 from Carolina Electric Boats can reach speeds up to 6 mph and operate in as little as 6″ of water.

Perfect for green lakes, the state-of-the-art, 10′ Twin Troller X10 can go where other boats can’t. Protecting the environment, its dual, recessed MotorGuide Electric Trolling Motors can travel over submerged trees, grass and other underwater obstructions without damaging the propellers or marine habitats. Whisper quiet, the emission-free electric motors won’t scare fish or wildlife or drown out the sounds of nature.

A patented Twin Troller propulsion system with variable-speed foot pedals leaves hands free to fish, bird watch or simply appreciate the outdoors. Controlling the motors independently, the easy-to-operate foot pedals can transition effortlessly between forward and reverse. With a 0° turn radius, the revolutionary Twin Troller X10 can rotate 360° in one location and make 90° turns.

Completely recyclable, the streamlined Twin Troller X10 is roto-molded in a single piece using advanced Surpass polyethylene resin. Lighter and tougher than fiberglass, the UV-protected resin resists cracks, won’t take on water and has an amazing 5-year warranty.

Available in blue, green and tan, the well-equipped Twin Troller X10 comes ready to hit the water. It includes built-in beverage holders, outboard motor mount and deep, self-draining rod trays with pockets for reels. A deep cycle marine battery under the back seat will run the boat for 6-8 hours between charges.

The durable Twin Troller X10 can handle up to 585 lbs. and fits two people comfortably. At 48″ wide, the balanced pontoon hull design supplies unmatched stability.

Simple to transport, the light boat can be easily lifted into the back of any pick-up truck or trailer and weighs just 175 lbs. It even features a convenient built-in handle. Padded swivel seats on custom, adjustable tracks also provide effortless removal and storage.

The emission-free Twin Troller X10 from Carolina Electric Boats has a special introductory retail price of $1,895. The 2009 model will cost around $2,295.

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