Dam2Dam Jet Ski Charity Ride

September 10th, 2013

Lake Norman – The Denver Lake Norman Rotary Club will be hosting its 2nd Annual DAM2DAM Jet Ski Charity Ride on Lake Norman August 24, 2013. Jet Ski enthusiasts are invited to participate in a day on the lake that will raise funds for the Denver Rotary local charities with 50 percent of the money raised going toward East Lincoln Rescue Park.

Riders must register in advance at www.mylkn.com/DAM2DAM. The registration fee for the first rider is $35, the second rider fee is $25. Fees are a tax deductible contribution to the Denver Lake Norman Rotary Club Foundation. Donations are also being accepted on the charity site.

The event begins with a Bojangle’s Biscuit breakfast for riders between 7:30 and 8 am. Riders are expected to be lined up by 8 am at the Beatty’s Ford Park dock in Denver, with the official launch of the ride occurring at 8:15 am.

The brigade of jet skiers will proceed to Cowan’s Ford Dam and then ride to Lookout Shoals Dam, at which time they will head to the island off of Governor’s Island for lunch provided by Village Inn Pizza.

Main event sponsor, Lake Norman Power Sports of Cornelius – www.LakeNormanPowerSports.com – will have a reception tent for participants, as well as maintenance support for riders. “We are proud to support the efforts of the Denver Lake Norman Rotary Foundation in continuing to enhance the quality of life and lake living through the East Lincoln Rescue Park,” said Susan Martin, General Manager at Lake Norman Power Sports. “Having multiple ways to enjoy the Lake Norman area on and off the lake enriches the community while bringing its residents together in fun, safe and productive ways.”

Wireless System Enables Steering from Anywhere Onboard

August 19th, 2013

Having to constantly steer a kicker or wheel for course adjustments while trolling prevents boaters from fully enjoying time on the water. Intellisteer wireless steering packages from Canada Metal (Pacific) put steering control into a handheld pendant.

Intellisteer offers push-button steering at trolling speeds for freedom while fishing or cruising. Designed for do-it-yourself installation, the handheld unit and receiver can be paired in the field from over one million control codes to enhance security. The receiver/motor controller has a motor drive capability up to 25A, overload protection and reverse polarity protection.

The ergonomic, water-resistant, wireless pendant with lanyard offers simple one-handed operation for steering from anywhere aboard. To preserve battery life, it automatically turns off if not used for 30 minutes.

A range of Intellisteer models support a wide variety of steering systems. For boats already fitted with autopilots, the Intellisteer Standalone System provides a simple and cost-effective wireless steering upgrade. It is designed to be wired between a course computer and autopilot drive. When the user provides steering input with the handheld pendant, it overrides the autopilot and activates wireless jog steering control from anywhere onboard. When there is no wireless steering input from the user, control is returned to the autopilot, which then operates normally.

There are also several Intellisteer options for boats which do not have an autopilot, depending on the steering type. The Type R System controls a kicker motor directly. It comes with a remote drive unit, wireless system, and a steering cable. An outboard cable-steering connection kit is required.

The Type S and T Systems fit behind the dash, replacing the existing helm on cable-steered boats that have a dash-mounted wheel. Type S works on straight shaft helms; Type T on those with tilt function. Both incorporate a rotary drive system, and feature an electronic clutch that disengages for manual steering. Each draws 1.25A under normal operation and offers safety override technology.

For boats with hydraulic steering, the Type H System adds push-button control. It features an Octopus hydraulic pump and connects to all popular hydraulic steering systems. Suitable for cylinders up to 10ci, this Intellisteer kit includes the required hydraulic hoses and fittings and typically draws 4-6A. Larger pumps are available for boats with bigger steering cylinders.

Suggested retail prices for Intellisteer wireless steering packages begin at $299 for the Standalone System. Products are supported by a one-year limited warranty on the electronics, and a two-year limited warranty on the drive units. For more information, visit www.canmet.com

Powerful PA/Hailer Speaker Conveys Messages Loud and Clear

August 19th, 2013

Safety demands that boaters be able to hear VHF transmissions, onboard communications, and vessel-to-vessel messages clearly, especially during weather threats or emergencies. The 8-ohm Shakespeare® HS-40 PA/Hailer Horn Speaker rises to the challenge. This multifunction device amplifies sound with up to 40 watts of power handling capacity.

More than just a powerful speaker, the HS-40 also fully supports a true loudhailer’s hail, fog horn or listen-back functions. For marine VHF radios, it provides extra volume for noisy environments, or can pull double-duty for VHF units that have a built-in PA or loudhailer function.

The HS-40 is constructed of high-impact white plastic and comes with a tilt mount bracket to accommodate deck or bulkhead mounting. It can also be flush mounted. Compact for its capacity, the speaker measures 7″ W x 13″ D, has a frequency response of 250 Hz to 8 KHz, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -40º to 176º F.

Shakespeare® offers an array of external speakers to suit various applications. The HS-5 is a 4 ohm, 5″ horn speaker with an input capacity of 15 watts. At 2-1/4″, the basic ES-2 is a 4-ohm external speaker, for input power up to 5 watts. The deluxe 4″, 4-ohm external speaker model ES-4 offers 8 watts input power handling and comes with a swivel mounting bracket.

All Shakespeare® accessory speaker products are color- and performance-matched to ensure good looks and simple installation. The HS-40 PA/Hailer Horn Speaker offers excellent value with a suggested retail price of $109.95. For more information, visit www.shakespeare-marine.com