September 1st, 2009

Nothing spoils a fun day on the water faster than having to deal with complicated boatlifts. Preventing frustration, Safe Haven Systems has redesigned its environmentally-friendly Solar Hybrid Power Box to make launching even easier than before.

Included with all Safe Haven Solar Hybrid boatlift models, the advanced Solar Hybrid Power Box is incredibly efficient. A single charge provides enough energy to raise and lower the boat up to 80 times. Where electricity is available, it can operate on 110V power supply.

Providing an effortless launch every time, users simply push a lever on the Power Box down to activate the Air Assist System, slide their craft off the Safe Haven boatlift once it enters the water and drive away. To dock, they just target the bow guide, drive onto the lift and pull the lever up to raise the lift. The whole process takes less than two minutes.

With no hydraulic fluid, oil, grease, zinc or other environmental hazards, Safe Haven boatlifts do not require problematic remote controls, outside electricity or winches. Designed for the toughest marine conditions, the maintenance-free system has no chance of mechanical failures that can prevent launching. The Safe Haven air assist boatlifts start at $5,200 for the Retreat 2 Solar Hybrid.

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