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Lake Wateree: Catawba’s ‘Little Gem’
by Joyce Deaton

With this edition, the Pilot welcomes readers living along a peaceful waterway that’s becoming home to increasing numbers of lake lovers. In the map section, you’ll notice the addition of Lake Wateree – midway between Charlotte and Columbia.

If you haven’t yet been on Lake Wateree, you may want to trailer down for a relaxing day of fishing on this 13,000-acre jewel, last in the Catawba River chain. more>>


Foiling the Wily Muskrat
by Joyce Deaton

“What? You’re going to ruin my business,” says Kevin Vaughan with a laugh when he hears Pilot has called for tips on how to prevent muskrats from ravaging docks. Vaughan, who’s been building and repairing docks on Lake Norman, Lake Wylie and Mountain Island Lake for 25 years, even named his company Muskrat Marine Construction out of respect for the pesky critter. more>>


Morrow Mountain State Park: Jewel of Lake Tillery
by Joyce Deaton

Debbie Thorpe feels lucky to have her job selling real estate around Lake Tillery. The best days are those when, about once a month, she takes a sandwich to the picnic area at the summit of Morrow Mountain. “I enjoy just sitting there looking out over the countryside and the lake,” she says. “It's such a beautiful view.” more>>