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Dramatic Burning Sportfish: Are You Prepared?

by Scott Croft, BoatUS

Sometimes no matter what you do, a day on the water doesn’t turn out the way you planned.  The attached video is footage of an incident that occurred November 9, 2010 on the ICW in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida.

Capt. Clayton Tieman of TowBoatUS Tampa Bay arrived on the scene of a large sportfish engulfed in flames, and took these nine short video clips:


In the fifth video of the series you can hear ammunition that was stored aboard the vessel igniting.

Tieman’s arrival was less than five minutes after the time of the mayday call, yet the vessel’s deck was already hot enough to burn the mate’s feet before Tieman was able to evacuate the captain and mate to the TowBoatUS vessel. After discovering the fire, the crew had done everything right by immediately issuing a mayday call with precise location information, set anchor, and attacked with every available extinguisher.

Yet it wasn't enough.

Are you ready for a day like this on the water? What is the condition and location of your fire extinguishers or other firefighting equipment? And most importantly, are you ready to abandon your boat in a moment's notice? Are your survival gear, life jackets and valuables within arm’s reach?

Here’s some more information on the subject:

Top six causes of boat fires:

Everything you ever wanted to know about fighting boat fires:


Teach Your Kids Safe Boating
by Joyce Deaton

One reason boating remains the favorite pastime of thousands of Piedmont lake dwellers is that it provides fun for the whole family. Kids who grow up boating are introduced to a pastime and a lifestyle they probably will love for life. That’s why it’s important to teach them the basics of safe boating at an early age. They’ll be safer while they’re on the boat with you, and, should an emergency arise and they have to take command of the boat, they’ll be ready. more>>


Captain Alan Stopko
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